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Gen Gre Recycling services is a Cape Town, Southern Suburbs based waste management company specialising in recycling and waste segregation.

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Are recyclable items cluttering up your home or business? Not sure how to manage recyclable waste? Gen Gre Recycling Collection Services is the company that can help you get rid of it all, safely and efficiently.

Recyclable Waste Collection

Gen Gre Recycling Collection Services is a recycling program designed to help you recycle the everyday items that go into your curbside and neighbourhood pick-ups. Gen Gre will arrange for pick-up of your items.

Waste Sorting

No more sorting into different bags. The unique process used by Gen Gre means that you no longer need to separate your waste. Just place everything into the Gen Gre Recycling Bin Bag. Once a week, we collect it and sort all of your materials – making sure that everything can be used again in some shape or form.

Recycling Collection

R 100 x1 Bag per Month

+ R20 per extra bag

* Extra bags available upon request

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Why Choose Gen Gre?

The first step to making a positive impact in our environment is a small step, and recycling is just that. Our goal is to help businesses make this small step more affordable and convenient by acting as a resource for them. The results of our initiatives can be seen in all over Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs.





About Gen Gre

Gen Gre is a recycling company located in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. We provide solutions to businesses looking to take on recycling tasks without the fear of added stress and cost.

Gen Gre is a non-associated company that provides 100% satisfaction to all customers through great service, fair prices, and excellent quality of services.

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Our Vision

To be the Cape Town number 1 recyclable waste collection company

Our Mission

To provide you with an amazing service at a price that you’ll love.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver a high-quality service you can count on every time

Our Leadership

Meet the team that made it happen!



Due to the high amount of garbage, growing usage of plastic materials, and poor recycling practices, the entire globe is drowning in waste. There is a burning question we need to ask – what happens when we have exhausted all of our resources? I realise the duty and value that each of us may do to assist our Dearest Mother Earth.

Growing up, there was a strong emphasis on not wasting resources, and this has continued over into adulthood. As a professional and a mother, I began recycling at home and making sure that we, as a family, do our part to protect the environment, first, by educating my children about the importance of not littering and the benefits of recycling!

I am really excited to be a ‘green champion’ and help lead the way. This motivation to improve is for the greater good of many generations to come.


Operations Manager

I am Winnie James from Gugulethu,Western Cape.

I am the eldest of 3 sisters.

I am a mother to an adorable son Mpumelelo which means ‘success’. He brought light into my life and is the reason I smile. I appreciate and enjoy guiding him as his mother.

I am very mindful of wasting, and I love a clean and peaceful environment.
GenGre recycling is a blessing, the best thing that has happened to me. I have always wanted to do good and GenGre has made my dream come true.

I feel honoured and blessed that I am part of this amazing project. I am super excited that I found joy in what I am doing. I feel completely passionate. I enjoy taking care of our environment and facilitating change for our future generations.

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